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What we do?

We are a transformation Hub. We publish transformation news, create knowledge, distribute information and share best practice. We achieve this through providing timely online news, conducting transformation industry surveys and seminars.  In addition we provide a consolidated database of transformation services providers and a library of transformation publications.

Driven by patriotism, passion and devotion to transforming South Africa, Marang Transformation Hub (Pty Ltd) was founded by Wawish and husband Donald Mtimkulu. We are inspired by making a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans and by extension adding value to organisations and making a meaningful contribution to communities at large.
Marang Transformation Hub (Pty Ltd) focuses solely on Transformation within the context of South Africa. The core focus is on the implementation, impact, challenges, successes and opportunities of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act of 2003. The central target market for the website platform is both private & public sector organisations and professionals in all industries nationally.

As such our target market includes all stakeholders and beneficiaries of the B-BBEE Act (Large Corporates, Medium and Small enterprises, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, the Unemployed, and Non-Profit Organisations).

Strategic Goal

Our organisation aims to facilitate and provide up-to-date news, resources and tools, intended to improve the pace and quality of transformation in South Africa.  Our platform also seeks to consolidate all content and efforts surrounding transformation in the country under one roof.  To this end, we will also embark on additional services that facilitate our strategic goal.

Our Mission

To partner with government and the private sector to bring about sustainable change and transformation in the country.

Our Vision

To be the foremost transformation facilitator and thought leader in the country.


Wawish Lorato Mtimkulu (MBA General, BA Hons in HRD, B Soc Sci):   Wawish has over 15 years’ corporate experience at top and senior management levels within the Financial Sector (Banking and Insurance), Healthcare and Broadcasting Industry.   Wawish has in-depth practical experience and has served in an advisory capacity and facilitated the implementation of Employment Equity and BBBEE respectively.  Lorato has served as Chairperson in various HR and Risk Committees […]

My South Africa

A country with a population of over 55 million people and eleven official languages.  Our country is best known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity.  We are home to eight of the world’s heritage sites.  Our breathtaking coastal line stretches more than 2500 kilometers, matched with equally spectacular and scenic inland areas.

Annually South Africa participates in many International sporting tournaments and events and have won several world cups and titles.  A number of technological and scientific innovations have over the years originated from the country[….]

Our Values

    • Inclusivity and Cohesion
      South Africa belongs to all its people. The success of the country, economy and organisations will be a result of collective effort and partnership.
    • Honesty
      We report honestly and provide reliable factual information to our readers. We engage with all clients on the basis of honesty.
    • Objectivity
      We are impartial, independent and neutral.
    • Excellence and Quality
      We aim to provide distinct and superior content.
    • Forward Thinking
      We provide best in class information that inspires and paves the way for a brighter future for ALL South Africans.