A Country with Great Potential.  proudly-south-african-flags-600x400SA is home to four major ethnic groups African, Coloured, Indian and White.  Fondly referred to as the “Rainbow Nation”.  A country with a population of over 55 million people and eleven official languages.  Our country is best known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity.  We are home to eight of the world’s heritage sites.  Our breathtaking coastal line stretches more than 2500 kilometers, matched with equally spectacular and scenic inland areas.  Annually South Africa participates in many International sporting tournaments and events and have won several world cups and titles.  A number of technological and scientific innovations have over the years originated from the country.

1994 we ushered in a new democracy.  With this came SA’s full integration into the global economy.  Given our economic history we have done quite well for a new democracy.  We have ranked amongst the top three of African Economies and continue to be globally competitive.   A sustainable and efficient democracy however requires an inclusive economy, with business, government and society at the center and in partnership.  There is a call for all leadership to rise to the challenge and become even more involved in the socio-economic transformation of our beautiful country.

Man in the mirror.  The future of South Africa relies on the realisation by each individual in society, in business and in government that we are all personally accountable to create the future that we want.


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